Do you find developing RTL for your chip or IP quite tedious and time consuming? Do you wish there is a better way to march in concert with the market opportunities? There is!

Our product Composer, an integrated development environment (IDE), will shorten your chip, system on chip (SoC) or IP design time. Composer generates all 
necessary RTL for IP integration in a chip. With Composer, the tedious part of the RTL coding becomes remarkably easy enabling your team to zero in on the RTL parts that really need their attention. It will significantly reduce manual errors from the RTL release so that verification and synthesis will go smooth. 

No more lengthy manual RTL code editing to build the chip. You will experience productivity in integrating IPs in a chip like never before. Readjust the power domains with lot less effort. Re-partition your chip for FPGA prototyping and testing with push button ease. Your ASIC team will be empowered to react to the market needs quickly. Composer IDE will make your journey from definition to making revenue with your chip or IP, a short and pleasant one.

We were at 53rd Design Automation Conference (DAC)

Design Automation Conference, 53
We were at 53rd Design Automation Conference on June 5-9, 2016 at Austin Convention center in Austin, Texas. It was a great pleasure and experience for us to introduce the Composer IDE in action to the attendees.

See you at next DAC (2017) in Austin!

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Chip/SoC design & release

Composer is a tool that can be used by ASIC designers, even those who are focused on a complex SoC design, to greatly accelerate the integration and design process by eliminating many of the pain points in SoC design through automation.

Composer allows you to automate wire connections by encapsulating IPs into protocol based cable connections, which allows for quick connections between IPs, and quick creation of variant designs painlessly by the designer.

Composer also includes many tools to streamline your workflow such as generators and the ability to manage glue logic for connections between IPs. These tools can be used to accelerate the development of SoCs to deliver to market quickly.

Top down design for chips

Even the design teams that use top down design approach instead of commonly used bottom up stitching approach can get the benefit as well. Composer IDE supports and expedites both paradigms equally. The top down approach can offer productivity and stability for teams that demand to work with a well proven mature long lasting established architecture. They produce number of chips with incremental variations on features, process technology and performance.

The chip architect usually puts together the the hierarchical structures supporting the architecture. The IPs are subsequently produced with the required incremental changes, or even sometimes from scratch. The IPs can be attached seamlessly as long as IPs comply with the prebuilt structure.

Composer IDE helps you to put together the top down structure for your chip or SoCs in a quick and efficient manner. It also helps to create the necessary elements so that flavors of chips can be completed quickly.

IP design & delivery

IP reuse is central to the Composer IDE feature set. Whether you are an IP vendor or an in-house IP provider, you can increase the value of your existing IP by delivering them in a way such that they can be quickly integrated in a chip. You can also use Composer IDE to expedite any brand new IP designs.

At the end, faster the chip is built, quicker will be the return of investment. Reaching to success will be more than a step closer.

Scale with smart IP

In order to scale IPs such as network on chip (NoC), bus bridges/switches, analog wrappers, clock and power management across many chips, designers write script or software to produce the actual RTL modeled after a proven Verilog RTL. Composer IDE streamlines the process to make this software development simpler. The IDE makes the integration equally simpler just like it does for the real RTL.

If you are an IP vendor or an in-house IP provider delivering IPs in form of script or software, Composer IDE will take you a long way.