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Catch error while you type, not later!

Detect and fix errors inside Composer

The Composer IDE will constantly monitor your SoCBuilder code as you type in the editor by compiling the code live. It means if you try to connect to the wrong protocol or to the wrong side, it will be caught and flagged immediately right in the IDE editor. Double drives or undriven nets will be all detected.

All errors locations in the source code will be red marked. The error messages will describe the problem very clearly to you. You will not be able to proceed any further to produce an RTL unless the errors are fixed. You can have a peace of mind that your design RTL will have the quality it desrves with a much smaller time investment.

Auditing or reviewing your code would be much more productive. SoCBuilder source file sizes will be a fraction of that of the verilog sources. It means a lot less lines to review.

Composer IDE is packed with even more capabilities to improve chip design productivity. Contact us to arrange for a demo to go over the full capability of Composer IDE.