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Streamlined RTL release

Releasing your design means handing off your design to downstream tasks in a controlled manner. Following are a few examples of downstream tasks,
  • Synthesis.
  • Simulation.
  • FPGA emulation.
Therefore release typically involves building a container that houses all the files the task needs exactly at the right place it is expected within the container. The container could be one of the following depending on the task,
  • Directory.
  • Uncompressed archive like tar.
  • Compressed archive like zip, compressed tar.

Organization specific reusable script

These downstream tasks are flow dependent. Each design organization has a different way to handle its design flow. Therefore there will be a organization specific script to handle the release process to match your organizations flow requirement. This script needs information on all the Composer produced files for your design so that it can build the containers for various downstream tasks. This script should be reusable across your chips.


This is why Composer automatically produces a manifest. This manifest contains all the information necessary for the script. This manifest is a industry standard JSON data structure that is already supported by all common scripting or programming languages.

No more guess work! No more missing files. Build all the additional files that reads in your design into various tool environment without any glitch. Your RTL release will be almost flawless. Your team now can get to the real bugs, manage timing or real estate without being bogged down with RTL issues.