About Us

SoCScape is engaged in providing design automation (EDA) tools for semiconductor chip and intellectual property (IP) designers. Our product, Composer, an Integrated Design Environment (IDE) will shorten your chip, system on chip (SoC) or IP design time.

SoCScape is a game changing company which focuses on design management tools to support rapid development process for IPs, chips and SoCs. SoCScape is founded by an industry veteran with over 30 years of ASIC and IP design experience including SoCs. Our products are built with working knowledge acquired at companies that constantly pushed the envelope. The founder has contributed in design and management roles to gain full insight to the everyday issues that a front-end design team has to face. Leveraging on the rich experience and knowledge in SoC design, SoCScape creates suite of products which addresses many of the bottlenecks that are seen from the perspective of contributing members of an SoC design team.